poobong tea resort

Activities for Tourists


The tourists making a trip to the fascinating tea estate of Poobong ,not only take the pleasure of nature’s beauty but also can engage themselves in various activities available there for the entertainment of the tourists. Staying at the COLONIAL Poobong Tea Garden Resort takes you back to the days of the aura of British rule in India. From the heritage bungalow the tourists can stroll through the tea bushes and watch the tea planters who pluck the best of tea leaves. Hiking is an activity of walking across long distances generally on trails or paths. Tourists who love to hike can take a short trek to the nearest forest area and breathe in the fresh air of the pine forests and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere, watch the pleasing cascades and birding is another special activity offered to the tourists of Poobong where they can watch varieties of Himalayan birds. Our Bolero is available for trips to adjacent places like Lepchajagat (2kms approx from Poobong) or Darjeeling(charges applicable). The Balasan river adjacent to the resort provides a perfect site for camping and fish angling. Tour to the Tea Factory provides the tourists with information where the tourist can watch orthodox tea processing and have a tea tasting session.

The picturesque Poobong tea garden offers a serene ,beautiful, breathtaking view with nature’s trail in the lap of the Himalayan range and strolling through the tea gardens with loved ones is an experience of transforming oneself into a wonderland of nature. Our Poobong tea garden is certified as ‘Organic Tea Producer’ and ‘Rain Forest Alliance’ under I.M.O control. we have taken the initiative to shift from inorganic to organic tea farming by not trying to use synthetic pesticides for a better yield. Our pride lies in producing all types of teas that are totally free from synthetic chemicals. This tea garden is an example of the scenic beauty of the surroundings, dominated by dense pine forests, meandering rivers, sprawling lawns of the tea gardens and the view of the mighty Himalayas, is enough to make the visit worthwhile. Depending on the time of the year, you will experience the seasonal beauty of sub-Himalayan region at its best. Strolling through the bushes of the tea garden, walking to the plucking site, you will marvel at the deftness of the tea pluckers, mostly women, whose dexterous fingers pluck the finest quality tea leaves and buds from the plants. A visit, though the rainy season has its own unique charm, too. Our Poobong ,Darjeeling tea has three major flushes. The first flush takes place mid-March to mid- May that is the early spring flush, the second flush is from late May to Mid July which is the mid summer flush, the third flush is monsoon flush that is during the rainy season mid July to September and the last flush (also known as autumn flush) occurs mid September to November. The tea flushes of Poobong produced here are some of the finest Spring Darjeeling teas. The tea flushes of Poobong are mostly of pure chinary cultivar and they are known to produce some of the finest Darjeeling teas.orthodox loose leaf teas of Poobong are certified as 100% bio organic.


The woods seemed all answer and healing and more than enough to live for – Josephine Winslow Johnson. It’s a charming and attractive winding road through pine trees and giant ferns. On a cloudy or foggy day, one can drive through a drape of mist all the way. But don’t worry, the road is safe. The forest of Poobong is abound in wildlife and distinct flora types. There are a large number of species of birds, mammals and reptiles like the bear, boar, pangolin, peacock, dear, leopard, wild fowl and varieties of hill birds. The flora consists of a huge variety of Himalayan plants like oak, pine and many other herbal plants such as dandelion, Artemisia, thysanoleana ltifolia, urtica dioica,etc.


After taking a walk through the lush green tea bushes , experiencing the processing of tea is another unique educational tour for the tourists of Poobong .The Tea Factory is located near to the tea garden of Poobong where the tourist can watch the orthodox way of tea processing. The freshly plucked tea leaves are carried to the factory in bags and the dry tea leaves are trickled down in troughs which are wooden planks. Then the procedure of tea making follows step by step which starts with withering, rolling, fermenting or oxidation, drying or firing, sorting(leaves, broken, fannings, dust), grading and finally packing of black tea and green tea. After that the tourists can have an experience of tea tasting session savouring the delightful Poobong Teas.

Special Attraction
Camping at Balason river near the Resort, trekking through the forest and watching the beautiful cascades flow like Experience the snowfall in winters in Poobong Fatak (near to our Resort) which transforms into a magical land covered with thick sheets of snow.

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