poobong tea resort

Tea Tourism Redefined

The woods seemed all answer and healing and more than enough to live for – Josephine Winslow Johnson
It’s a charming and attractive winding road through pine trees and giant ferns.On a cloudy or foggy day, one can drive through a drape of mist all the way. But don’t worry, the road is safe. The forest of Poobong is abound in wildlife and distinct flora types. There are a large number of species of birds, mammals and reptiles like the bear, boar, pangolin, peacock,dear, leopard,wild fowl and varieties of hill birds. The flora consists of a huge variety of Himalayan plants like oak, pine and many other herbal plants such as dandelion, Artemisia, thysanoleana ltifolia, urtica dioica,etc.


After taking a walk through the lush green tea bushes , experiencing the processing of tea is another unique educational tour for the tourists of Poobong .The Tea Factory is located near to the tea garden of Poobong where the tourist can watch the orthodox way of tea processing .The freshly plucked tea leaves are carried to the factory in bags and the dry tea leaves are trickled down in troughs which are wooden planks. Then the procedure of tea making follows step by step which starts with withering, rolling, fermenting or oxidation, drying or firing, sorting(leaves, broken,fannings,dust), grading and finally packing of black tea and green tea. After that the tourists can have an experience of tea tasting session savouring the delightful Poobong Teas.

The sprawling lawn can be viewed from each room. You can just sit in the lawn, for breakfast or lunch and keep listening to the chirping of birds and crickets with a panaromic view of the tea garden on the slopes of the surrounding foggy hills.. You also hear the gushing waters of the nearby waterfalls pouring from the northern hills. Enjoy the luxury of inhaling fresh air, watching sky full of stars at night or listening to singing of birds or wake up to the golden mellow sun rays kissing you in the morning. When the hills are overcasted with clouds the tourists will be fortunate enough to feel a flurry of mist on their face right inside comfortable and cosy rooms.

Special Attraction
Camping at Balason river near the Resort, trekking through the forest and watching the beautiful cascades flow like Experience the snowfall in winters in Poobong Fatak (near to our Resort) which transforms into a magical land covered with thick sheets of snow.

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