poobong tea resort

History, Heritage & Legacy

Poobong the word means ‘ a valley behind clouds’ is enigmatically named as this area is shielded in the mist of clouds floating adding more beauty to the lush green tea garden of Poobong and provides a sense of ecstasy to the tourists. Poobong tea estate is located near Sukhiapokhri and Ghoom can be observed towards the southerly slopes of Sukhiapokhri -Ghoom road. Poobong tea estate has two segments: Tea estate and Busty(Fatak).


The tea plantation in the foothills of Himalayas, Darjeeling, had begun during 1841 by Arthur Campbell (British East India Company), a civil surgeon of the Indian Medical Service. Arthur Campbell used kernels from China to begin experimental tea planting, a practice he and others continued during the 1840s. Furthermore various adventurous Britishers ,specially Scottish tea planters had opened many Tea estates;among them one such was Poobong tea estate. Poobong tea estate was founded and constructed by the Duncans in 1923.

The picturesque Poobong tea garden offers a serene ,beautiful, breathtaking view with nature’s trail in the lap of the Himalayan range and strolling through the tea gardens with loved ones is an experience of transforming oneself into a wonderland of nature. Our Poobong tea garden is certified as ‘Organic Tea Producer’ and ‘Rain Forest Alliance’ under I.M.O control. we have taken the initiative to shift from inorganic to organic tea farming by not trying to use synthetic pesticides for a better yield. Our pride lies in producing all types of teas that are totally free from synthetic chemicals. This tea garden is an example of the scenic beauty of the surroundings, dominated by dense pine forests, meandering rivers, sprawling lawns of the tea gardens and the view of the mighty Himalayas, is enough to make the visit worthwhile. Depending on the time of the year, you will experience the seasonal beauty of sub-Himalayan region at its best. Strolling through the bushes of the tea garden, walking to the plucking site, you will marvel at the deftness of the tea pluckers, mostly women, whose dexterous fingers pluck the finest quality tea leaves and buds from the plants. A visit, though the rainy season has its own unique charm, too.

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